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Client: Shelter UK & Scotland
Format: Campaign 
Date: Summer 2021
Medium: Creative Direction
Location: Global
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Historically, the brand identity for ‘HomeRun’ was not worthy of what has come to be Shelter’s most successful annual fundraising event. The creative was tired, uninspiring and it lacked diversity.

’Raise Your Run,’ as it has now been titled for 2021, will be held during September and aims to encourage people of all walks of life to run for Shelter and help raise money to fight the housing emergency.

I was tasked to lead a team of creatives to reimagine the crucial event visually from beginning to end. This included posters, billboards, introduction packs and how-to guides, merchandise and animations.

Importantly, the new look and feel for Raise Your Run would have to align tightly with the aesthetic of Shelter’s company-wide re-brand, which was announced in the first part of the year. What’s more, the charity run is seeking to recruit a younger and more diverse collection of participants, and also wants to tap into the mindset of grass roots activism, meaning the marketing materials would have to appeal to this sort of audience.