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Ride with the Devil,
Learn his tricks,
Do good 

Fundraising pack

Client: Shelter UK 
Format: Print & Photography
Date: Summer 2021
Medium: Creative / Art direction
Location: UK
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Now let’s face it, charity isn’t the sexiest industry to work in and  historically the aesthetic has been rather dull with competitor looking to competitor for inspiration. 

When this brief landed on my desk I knew that I had a duty to uphold, to deliver a unique fundraising pack, which looked better than all the others and inspired people to get off their as* and raise some money for a bloody great cause. 

What made this fundraising pack work so well apart from the brilliantly executed design and spirited persuasive copy was the photoshoot . Everything from the models, the props, the wardrobe, background and lighting was hand picked and sourced by myself and my senior designer.  

Having control of the look and feel of this pack and not taking the tried and tested stock photography route allowed me to deliver something cool , with unique stories and insights that stands out and works in an over saturated market.