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Learn his tricks,
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Fuck Racism

Client: Personal project
Format: Print & clothing
Date: Summer 2020
Medium: Graphic design / Photography
Location: UK
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Fuck Racism was small campaign I created in response to the atrocities that are committed by the police world wide. The most recently covered was in the USA where George Floydd was murdered by a police officer. 

The idea was simple, to create something bold, provaocative and to start a conversation. I took the idea from a scribble on a piece of paper to screen printed t-shirts and banners. The image was picked up by HatoPress and featured in their “If you need free printing for protests” zine.

The money made from the T-shirts and magazine was donated to the Black Lives Matter Foundation and The Free Black University. 

All photography was taken by myself both in studio and at the BLM march in London.