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Ride with the Devil,
Learn his tricks,
Do good 

The Warriors 

Client: ELLE Magazine
Format: Digital Identity 
Date:  Summer 2018
Medium: Graphic design / Animation / Art direction
Location: Global
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Fighting for their rights, but often also for their freedom and their lives, they needed the graphic design aspect of this project to reflect the bold, impactful bravery of the women it focuses on. Elle UK also asked that the colour palette reflect the idea that we want to reclaim colours that are traditionally 'young' or 'feminine,' recasting them as strong and meaningful.

For this project, Elle UK asked for a project identity kit including logos and static and motion graphics that would be eye catching, that would tie the whole project together and that would give strength to the women whose stories we are telling. 

Since the projects lauch, The Warriors has won a One World Media award and an Amnesty International media award beating both the New York Times and the